BB9120-1 18x22cm Bali Batiks Fabrics Cotton Batiks Precut Quilting Fabric Strips from Java Indonesia


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Bali batik fabric
100% cotton

Size: 18x22cm 7.2×8.8inch approximate
Price is Rp 170K for 20pcs (US$ 13 approximate)

Price is  subject to change anytime. Please contact us for price update.

More info, please contact us by email or whatsapp. See photo for our email address and phone number.

Price for all sizes, exworks price, price include product only, nothing else!

  1. 18x22cm (7.2×8,8inch) 20pcs US$ 11,85
  2. 20×50-55cm (8x20inch) 20pcs US$ 2,60
  3. 30x115cm (12x46inch) 10pcs US$ 4,45
  4. 50x115cm (20x46inch) 1pcs US$ 1,00
  5. 6,25x115cm (2,5x46inch) 20pcs US$ 3,70
  6. 100cmx115cm (40x46inch) meter US$ 2,10
  7. 36-40cmx52-55cm (14,4×20,8inch) 1pcs US$ 0,45
  8. 4-8cmx50-60cm (1,6x20inch) 10pcs US$ 1,45
  9. 15-19cmx80-90cm (6x32inch) 17pcs US$ 2,95
  10. 15-19cmx50-55cm (6x20inch) 27pcs US$ 3,3
  11. 12-19cmx115cm (4,8x46inch) 25pcs US$ 3,70

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