Bali Batiks

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18x22cm (7.2×8,8inch) 20pcs US$ 11,85
20×50-55cm (8x20inch) 20pcs US$ 2,60
30x115cm (12x46inch) 10pcs US$ 4,45
50x115cm (20x46inch) 1pcs US$ 1,00
6,25x115cm (2,5x46inch) 20pcs US$ 3,70
100cmx115cm (40x46inch) meter US$ 2,10
36-40cmx52-55cm (14,4×20,8inch) 1pcs US$ 0,45
4-8cmx50-60cm (1,6x20inch) 10pcs US$ 1,45
15-19cmx80-90cm (6x32inch) 17pcs US$ 2,95
15-19cmx50-55cm (6x20inch) 27pcs US$ 3,3
12-19cmx115cm (4,8x46inch) 25pcs US$ 3,70

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Showing all 12 results

Showing all 12 results