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Hand Stamp Batik Sarong Fabrics from Indonesia

Sarongs from Indonesia. Made of rayon fabric. Hot wax and copper stamp batik fabric production technique.

Size approximately 180cm to 185cm long and 115cm wide. Always comes with fringes on both side. No fringes no problem, just tell us.

For more stamp sarongs, please follow links below:

For ordering, please email us, see photo for our email address.

We produce not only stamp sarongs, but also other models such as silkscreen printed sarongs, shown by photos below. This is rayon fabric sarongs made using silkscreen printing. Very popular and wide range of motifs available. You are also welcome to print your own designs. Please contact us for further information.

Below links to our silkscreen printed sarongs:

  1. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 1 (Code:Print-P1)
  2. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 2 (Code:Print-P2)
  3. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 3 (Code:Print-P3)
  4. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 4 (Code:Print-P4)
  5. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 5 (Code:Print-P5)
  6. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 6 (Code:Print-P6)
  7. Printed Sarong with Butterflies motif (Code:Print-P7)
  8. Printed Sarongs with Bamboo Motif (Code:Print-P8)
  9. Tropical Flowers Sarongs Indonesia (Code:Print-P9)
  10. Sarongs Pareo Bali Indonesia (Code: Print-P10)
  11. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs (Code: Print-P11)
  12. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs (Code: Print-P12)
  13. Silk Screen Printing Sarongs with Hibiscus Flowers (code: Hibiscus)
  14. Rayon sarongs with leopard skin motifs (Code: Rayon P1)
  15. Rayon sarongs with gecko motifs (Code: Rayon P2)
  16. Rayon sarongs with flower motifs (Code: Rayon P3)
  17. Skin Motif Sarongs from Indonesia (Code: Rayon P5)
  18. Batik Stamp Sarongs from Bali (Code: Stamp P6)
  19. Sarongs with Sequin Beads (Code: SQN)
  20. Jamaica Rasta Bob Marley Sarongs
  21. Silk screen printing sarongs from Bali Indonesia with butterfly motifs.
  22. Brazil Flag Sarong
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Hand Stamp Batik Fabrics Bali Indonesia

Hand stamp batik using copper stamp on rayon or cotton fabrics. We usually make batik fabrics using rayon textile but it is possible also to use cotton, please inquiry if you want us to make the batik fabrics using cotton.

These are catalog of stamp batik fabrics also known as Bali Fabrics. This is on printed paper catalog, some of them might not available anymore. We keep changing our batik stamps .

To order these batik fabrics, please mention the style number. Don’t forget to tell us how many you need for each style and also the color needed. The more details about the order, the better. As always, we need to remind you that all batik here are handmade, each of them is unique, variation might occur.

To order our batik fabrics or beach sarongs, please contact us using our contact form or you could send us a direct email to CVMAYABALI(The At @ sign)
You could also send us message using WhatsApp to +628179731022 or +6281353357458