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Sarong Factory Handpainted Sarongs from Indonesia

Handpainted beach sarong wraps made in Indonesia. Handmade and handpainted on 100% white rayon fabric. Handpainted with tropical flower motifs. Very popular in many tropical destinations such as Maldives, Tahiti, Hawaii, Bahamas and many more. Wide range of motifs and colors. It is possible to order your own designs. Name dropping also available for tiny fee.

  • Sarong size approximately 185 to 180cm long and 110 to 115cm wide
  • Always with fringes on both sides, no fringes is possible, please remember to TELL US
  • Available in 1st and 2nd grade rayon fabric, thick and thin fabric
  • Each sarongs approximately 0.25 to 0.3 Kg
  • Shipped in carton boxes measure 49x58x33cm (HxWxD)
  • 100 pieces of beach sarongs in 1 box
  • Made to order. Production time in general 1 to 2 months.
  • Ready to deliver sarongs also available but in limited quantity. Please visit our shop in Bali.

Please click photo below to view even more sarongs on our other web site

Sarong Factory in Indonesia
Sarong Factory in Indonesia
2019 September Sarongs Catalog Handpainted Sarongs from Indonesia
More sarongs on our web site
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Hand Stamp Batik Sarong Fabrics from Indonesia

Sarongs from Indonesia. Made of rayon fabric. Hot wax and copper stamp batik fabric production technique.

Size approximately 180cm to 185cm long and 115cm wide. Always comes with fringes on both side. No fringes no problem, just tell us.

For more stamp sarongs, please follow links below:

For ordering, please email us, see photo for our email address.

We produce not only stamp sarongs, but also other models such as silkscreen printed sarongs, shown by photos below. This is rayon fabric sarongs made using silkscreen printing. Very popular and wide range of motifs available. You are also welcome to print your own designs. Please contact us for further information.

Below links to our silkscreen printed sarongs:

  1. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 1 (Code:Print-P1)
  2. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 2 (Code:Print-P2)
  3. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 3 (Code:Print-P3)
  4. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 4 (Code:Print-P4)
  5. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 5 (Code:Print-P5)
  6. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs Page 6 (Code:Print-P6)
  7. Printed Sarong with Butterflies motif (Code:Print-P7)
  8. Printed Sarongs with Bamboo Motif (Code:Print-P8)
  9. Tropical Flowers Sarongs Indonesia (Code:Print-P9)
  10. Sarongs Pareo Bali Indonesia (Code: Print-P10)
  11. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs (Code: Print-P11)
  12. Silk Screen Printed Sarongs (Code: Print-P12)
  13. Silk Screen Printing Sarongs with Hibiscus Flowers (code: Hibiscus)
  14. Rayon sarongs with leopard skin motifs (Code: Rayon P1)
  15. Rayon sarongs with gecko motifs (Code: Rayon P2)
  16. Rayon sarongs with flower motifs (Code: Rayon P3)
  17. Skin Motif Sarongs from Indonesia (Code: Rayon P5)
  18. Batik Stamp Sarongs from Bali (Code: Stamp P6)
  19. Sarongs with Sequin Beads (Code: SQN)
  20. Jamaica Rasta Bob Marley Sarongs
  21. Silk screen printing sarongs from Bali Indonesia with butterfly motifs.
  22. Brazil Flag Sarong
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Silkscreen Printed Sarongs from Indonesia August 2019 Catalog

Beach sarongs made in Indonesia. Handmade using 100% rayon fabric. Printed using handprinted silkscreen. Printed on 200cm long white rayon fabric. Final size after processing is about 180 to 185cm in length and 110 to 115cm in width. Always comes with fringes on both side but hemmed edges is possible.

For bulk pricing or more information regarding our batik sarongs, please contact is using our gmail email address, see photos below for our email address.

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Hand Painted Pareo Beach Scene from Bali Indonesia

Bali pareo with tropical beach scene. Hand painted rayon pareo made in Indonesia. Any color combination is possible. Please remember that each model, minimum is 25pcs. Made of 1st grade rayon fabric (thick fabric) but also possible to be made using 2nd grade rayon which is thinner than the 1st grade rayon textile.

Price is Rp 38,000 or US$ 2.92
Exwork Bali Price. Subject to change anytime.

Hand Painted Pareo Beach Scene from Bali Indonesia
Hand Painted Pareo Beach Scene from Bali Indonesia
Handpainting Pareo Beach Bali Indonesia
Handpainting Pareo Beach Bali Indonesia